Microsoft Dynamics 365 Management Reporter

Management Reporter adds functionality to help corporations improve their business performance through an enhanced financial reporting process. Your organization and finance users can create, generate and share financial reports easily, efficiently and accurately.

Key Features

These key features found in Management Reporter simplify the financial reporting process:

  • Easy creation and customization.
    Using the report wizard, key financial reports such as trial balance and income statements can be created in as few as seven steps. Additional templates are provided with Management Reporter that facilitate creating balance sheet and cash flow statements.

  • Advanced financial intelligence.
    Hierarchies can be defined to facilitate the creation of different views of your business. Business users can create management, legal, and soft consolidated reports. Combined with comparative data like month to month, year over year, and actual to forecast, business users are better able to understand business trends. Additional concepts include year to date amounts, debits vs. credits, and posted and unposted data.

  • Multiple ways to access reports.
    Business users can create and generate secured reports that are distributed to a report library for viewing via a native viewer, or exported to either Microsoft Excel or to RDL for access through SQL Server Reporting Services. Formatting is preserved, while business users can manage and access reports through the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Report Center.

  • Enterprise-grade statutory consolidation functionality.
    Business users can easily produce consolidated financial reports across multiple currencies while also supporting inter-company eliminations and reconciliations.

  • Integration with your general ledger.
    Management Reporter can be integrated with your general ledger system, allowing your organization to quickly create accurate and up-to-date reports easily.

Management reporting plays a key role in performance management. Displaying business results, performing variance analysis, comparing projections and consolidating data from disparate general ledgers provides business users with the business insight they need to make timely and relevant decisions. Accurate and auditable reporting is also essential to regulatory compliance.

Management Reporter helps to provide accurate reporting in real time, from a centrally managed source. Financial information is accurate and up-to-date, ensuring that reports are consistent. With Management Reporter, financial data can be combined from multiple financial models or general ledger companies and consolidated into a single report, giving your business users more visibility into the health of their business.


Business users benefit from the easy-to-use and powerful reporting functionality included with Management Reporter, such as:

  • Cross-enterprise business view.
    Management Reporter provides organizations with a way to bring together financial information from different financial models or general ledger companies in order to create a consolidated view of the business.
  • Easy and secure report distribution.
    Widely distribute dynamic and standard reports including financial statements, management reports, and ad-hoc analysis to the decision-makers across the organization.
  • Strong support for regulatory compliance.
    Management Reporter helps organizations support generally accepted accounting practices (GAAP), international financial reporting standards (IFRS), and Sarbanes-Oxley regulations. Centralized data management, including security and business rules, and transactional reporting simplify regulatory compliance.
  • Enhanced partnership with IT.
    IT no longer has to spend time generating, formatting, and customizing financial reports for the business. Business users can create their own reports, while IT can help ensure they have the right infrastructure and data to access richer, more targeted information.