Expense Management


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Expense Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides powerful capabilities for employees to manage travel and other business expenses.

This includes the following capabilities:

  • Expense entry.
    Self-service capability for employees to enter expenses on the web and through mobile devices.

  • Expense approval.
    Ability to have one or more approvers to approve the entered expenses. Approvers may approve, reject or delegate approval.

  • Workflow management.
    Visual configuration and drag and drop tool for creating workflows for approvals. These workflows may be conditional (e.g. Trigger only if amount is over $10), require multiple approvers (e.g. One approver if under $25, two approvers if over $25 and less than $100, three approvers if above $100 etc.), have automatic actions (e.g. Escalate to a manager if not approved or rejected in 4 business days).

  • Documentation and receipts.
    Ability to attach receipts to support an expense entry.

  • Business policies.
    Set business policies and rules e.g. Automatically reject meals above $100 or require itemization of hotel expenses on a per night basis.

  • Per Diem.
    Calculate per diem based on location and number of days.

  • Gas mileage.
    Automatically calculate mileage reimbursement based on distance travelled.

  • Posting to Financials.
    Full integration with General Ledger or Accounts Payable. Each employee can have expenses posted to GL or to AP for payment depending on the employee setup. Financial posting can be reviewed prior to it posting through as shown in the example below where the expense for the Inc 5000 conference can be seen as posting to the GL account 601504 and can be verified before final posting is done.

  • Mobile capability.
    Enter expenses through a mobile devices and attach receipt images captures through a mobile device camera.

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