Training & Education

9 Dots hands-on training and workshops

In an effort to foster closer relations with our customers, and to ensure smoother processes and implementations, as well as improving long-term productivity, 9 Dots has formulated training, educational programmes and workshops that are designed for the full benefit of your company and team members.

We work closely with our customers on the right Microsoft Dynamics 365 training approach:

STANDARD Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training

Provides our customers with a detailed overview of an application. All aspects of the software are explored and simulated, allowing the customer’s team to fully understand the entire system prior to defining the actual modules for individual use in the business environment.

QUICKSTART Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training

Correlates with our customer’s existing business practices directly to the software application. Once completed, our customer’s team members are trained using only the aspects of the software necessary to perform their current jobs.

CUSTOMIZED Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training

Specifically developed to meet our customer’s unique requirements.